From grid setups to calendar management. Our years of racing experience provide us with a good knowledge of what racing is all about. Most of the time, when you’re not part of a big racing team, it’s very difficult to get things right. We constantly see good athletes who fall behind in the race due to too much stress and lack of concentration before the race.

Good team management is critical to participating in races. Soigneur Race Services offers tailor-made racing support from juniors to amateur randoniers, regardless of your discipline and racing level. We can help you achieve better results by assisting with qualified staff with extensive experience.

Some of the basic aspects that we cover are:

  • Grid setups / complete race preparation
  • Bicycle packaging – trips abroad
  • Qualified anti-doping personnel
    (WADA – World Anti-Doping Agency Certified)
  • Calendar management
  • Interaction with organizers
  • Vehicle logistics
  • Component inventories
  • Feed & Tech zones support
  • Pro mechanical support

Coaching services and sports physiotherapy can be booked through our racing program.