Soigneur travel offers once in a life journeys on the greatest roads and locations. magical experiences to enjoy cycling in all its aspects.
more than a private tour, your luxury travel experience doesn’t exist until we custom design an itinerary unique to your needs.

We believe you deserve an opportunity to explore the world on your own terms, allowing you to craft a rich personal story based on your individual style. by definition, we believe your experience should be as unique as you.

Not only beautiful locations full of cycling passion and story, we also choose the most unique places for you to stay and enjoy of local hospitality and cuisine, after ride massage, mechanical assistance through out all the trip and local guides if requested in order to maximize your journey.

We offer you a full experience you will never forget our team of Soigneurs will take care of you.

These are some of our available services:

Bike packing, shipping and handling to and from destination
Private shuttle to and from airports
Luxury Vilas and hotels for a comfortable and unique stay
Personalized diet and meals
Private cook if the stay is in one of our Vilas
Sportive massage
Tailored routes according to your desired training
Coaching services if required
Mechanic assistance